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Maria “Ria” Rouse

Youth, in its powerful simplicity, is the heart of my craft. As a fine art portrait photographer, I strive to attract clients who wish to merge their love for professional art with the reverence they hold for their create priceless, enduring representations of their greatest treasures in life. 

My mission is to enhance the natural moodiness and inherent regality of children, to honor the exquisite purity of their emotions. I want my images to convey the unexpected poise of younger generations whose depth might otherwise be underestimated. And I want to suggest to observers how privileged they are to be gazing at subjects so utterly stunning.

I believe that children should never question their worth. They must grow up feeling adored and celebrated. As a child, I never enjoyed the status of prettiest or most popular, and my parents were separated. But the images in my parents’ homes testified to their overwhelming love for me. Both my mother and father filled rooms with pictures of me and with the artwork that I was constantly producing, and praised my talent and beauty, day after day. Though my struggle to master the technical skills of painting increased as time went on, my parents’ devotion, their relentless insistence on my value and my potential, helped me to develop the confidence I needed to find an alternate route to an artistic career. This support, combined with my first photography class in high school, led me to the magic of a medium that could serve my dream of transforming people into art. 

With my business, I want to honor the dignity of children in the manner that my parents did with me. I collaborate with my clients to fulfill their visions and needs, to ensure that we regard their children through a shared lens, to heighten their children’s most striking, individualistic qualities. My purpose is to provide a mode of expression to those who want to illustrate their appreciation for their children. While I bring experience and an inventive eye to every photo session, my subjects are the true gift—to the adults who love them, to the world they will inspire, and to art itself.


Highly Recommended, Event Photography Awards, 2016


Mantra Wellness, 2018